Who am I?

My name is Mirela, an as you probably suspected English is not my native language. I choose to write in English because I think that the wanderlust it is a feeling which should be shared with an universal language, and nowadays English seems to be pretty much a universal language.

I grew up in a communist country when the idea to travel and see the world seems to be something almost impossible to realized, because of regimes policy of closed doors. As a child I was an avid reader of Jules Verne writings, and I was finding the escape for my desire to travel in the pages of those books.

Later on my imagination was ignited by the Indiana Jones which was a perfect combination of my love for history and desire to travel.

To become the traveler it was not that easy to begin with, but I was determinate to follow my dreams, and this is what I do right now…what I always wanted to do…Writing and Travelling.

What is this site standing for?

There are numerous traveling sites offering information and pretty much everything there is to know about traveling. This site is not one of those sites. The whole idea behind my blog is not to write some impersonal report with tones of information. Information are important, but I let the specialize sites to provide those information, and I make sure I am adding links to those sites you might need in my articles. What I am writing about are my experiences, and how did I discovered certain places. It is about feelings and emotions, it is about finding myself in the places I visited. The idea behind my stories is to put the seed of wanderlust inside your heart and your mind and make you want to see the places I am writing about.

Why The Lonely Traveler?

I am not making an eulogy on the idea of travelling alone. But sometimes it is good to travel alone and find ourselves or discover some lost part of ourselves. Traveling enriches the spirit, and is this richness I am trying to share with you in my articles.

In the same time, even when we travel with a partner, the travel experience it is unique for each and every one of us, and I am trying to emphasis on this uniqueness in all my writings.

Also there is another big travel which we all are taking. We are starting our big journey the first moment after we are born, and this journey it is the journey of a Lonely Traveler regardless of whom my accompany us in life. Our spiritual evolution is unique and it is the work of a Lonely Traveler through life…and do not forget..Lonely does not means Alone..


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