Going South. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

When a Sunday morning starts with a sudden urge to drink my coffee in… Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Rainy and awfully crappy Sunday morning. By the look of it, seemed like I would be confined indoors for the rest of the day and definitely this wasn’t an option for me. So, after a short brainstorming with my friend Crina we decided to run south. In this case south means, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo. There was a logic behind our decision. We were hoping to leave somehow the rain behind and we knew that Veliko would be an interesting destination as well. Actually, that day we did not have a better option..therefore, against all odds, it turned out to be a good choice after all.

Going South. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Romania. Autumn in the Rucar-Bran Passage

Passing through Apple County when Autumn is knocking on the door

It was Autumn! The calendar said so. The decreased temperatures outside said so. The invading yellows and reds all over the trees said so. Everything around me said so…Yep…It was time for me to admit it. The Summer was gone! No more sandals, no more Summer dresses. No more run away to the seaside. But hey…The Summer is dead! Long live Autumn!

With these in mind one Sunday morning I decided to leave Bucharest and have a taste of Autumn and I knew the perfect place for it. That place was almost 200 km away from Bucharest and since Romania is not really the land of the highways but mostly the land of the lack of highways, I knew is going to take forever to reach it. But, for 5 minutes in that place, I would have been able to endure hours of driving.

That mirific place I wanted to reach was Sirnea Village placed on the Rucar-Bran passage. This passage connecting the south region of Romania with Transylvania is the most picturesque area in Romania. No matter the season the landscape is absolutely magnificent.

Romania. Autumn in the Rucar-Bran Passage

Perls of Transylvania. Sibiu

Saturday morning and I am walking on the streets of Sibiu  desperately looking for a place where I can buy a cup of coffee. Maybe you wonder why on earth would I do that on a Saturday morning? Well, the answer is very simple. Although I was staying in a beautiful villa 30 km from Sibiu, when I woke up in the morning and went straight to the coffee machine, because I was in desperate need for my dose of caffeine,  I realized that coffee machine is much smarter than I was expecting and I had no clue how to make it work. Somehow I lost myself between buttons sequence and the coffee machine went berserk releasing steam through every crack.  Deprived of my morning coffee, I decided that since I have to leave the villa so early I might as well go to Sibiu and see how is returning to life on a Saturday morning. Perls of Transylvania. Sibiu

No doubt…it is Autumn!

No doubt, it is Autumn! As much as I want to be fooled by the bright colors around and the warmth which generously surrounds me, Summer moved on, packed her bags, leaving without even saying good bye. Although I knew Autumn is here, she make sure there is no doubt about it, I was still hopping, that somehow, miraculously, Autumn will turn into Summer, and I will still have  the sun I love so much, and nothing will cover the sky`s face being able to smile to me every morning.

pienza tuscany,Pienza,Tuscany, Italy

Despite my strong wishes, Autumn established her reign, and went around throwing  with colors.From one day to another, trees were transformed, becoming golden, surrounded by a bright yellow hue. Fallen leafs were tangled in the threads of  grass looking like a thick green carpet with yellow patterns on it.

cinque terre  Cinque Terre, Italy

The old stone walls covered by the vines were turning red seeming to be like a maiden`s cheeks, on which the morning mist was leaving drops of dew. It did not seemed to me that Autumn is loosing any time, because nothing escaped  her brush`s touch.She wanted to paint the entire nature, and this is what she did .There was more yellow and red around then ever before.

hanover germanyHanover, Germany

Everything looked so magical, and if I did not knew that soon those magnificent trees will be stripped by their golden clothes, of which they were so proud about, I would have said that the world looks almost perfect. I miss Summer, but the Autumn`s show it is so captivating that I am almost forgetting that this mirifical beauty, will soon disappear in the cold arms of Winter. Time is passing, taking with it this autumnal beauty , which will soon be replaced by the glacial stillness of Winter, but… Winter will come and go , and nature will start another cycle … and Summer sun , will shine..again.