Romania. Autumn in the Rucar-Bran Passage

Passing through Apple County when Autumn is knocking on the door

It was Autumn! The calendar said so. The decreased temperatures outside said so. The invading yellows and reds all over the trees said so. Everything around me said so…Yep…It was time for me to admit it. The Summer was gone! No more sandals, no more Summer dresses. No more run away to the seaside. But hey…The Summer is dead! Long live Autumn!

With these in mind one Sunday morning I decided to leave Bucharest and have a taste of Autumn and I knew the perfect place for it. That place was almost 200 km away from Bucharest and since Romania is not really the land of the highways but mostly the land of the lack of highways, I knew is going to take forever to reach it. But, for 5 minutes in that place, I would have been able to endure hours of driving.

That mirific place I wanted to reach was Sirnea Village placed on the Rucar-Bran passage. This passage connecting the south region of Romania with Transylvania is the most picturesque area in Romania. No matter the season the landscape is absolutely magnificent.

Romania. Autumn in the Rucar-Bran Passage

The England I Love. Montacute

 The small village lost between the green rolling hills of Somerset, the place of my healing and my transformation…

Montacute is not going to be found in any traveling guide being  just one of thousands of charming   English countryside villages. Every respectable guide will list only the most well-known places from England. Such waste. The true England is the one you the traveler are discovering it by yourself and the best place to find that England, it is, of course, the countryside. Being everything you might expect to be..and even more. The England I Love. Montacute