Cyprus-The mirroring sunsets of Aphrodite

Sea, Sun, Sand, and Aphrodite

Cyprus….I am looking at my computer screen and when I say Cyprus the first image I have in my mind is the spectacular sunset I saw the moment I arrived at my hotel….

It is a proven fact that the best time to visit a place it is always offseason, and the trip I had in Cyprus has proven to me once again that there is no greater pleasure then enjoying the empty beaches by myself, or places which normally would be filled  up with tourists.  I came to the island with no expectations, but happy to have the closeness of the sea and some sun, and for me, this was enough. I wanted to see the sunsets so I chose the West side of the island, and also I knew that there I can find the birthplace of Aphrodite. Although she is not my favorite goddess I still wanted to walk on her paths and see for myself what is that she found so attractive about this island. Cyprus-The mirroring sunsets of Aphrodite