Roque Nublo, The Clouded Rock of Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo, the pillar of heaven and the most iconic landmark of Gran Canaria


The tallest standing rock, 80m, Roque Nublo defies gravity, seeming that it needs just a push to fall in one of the steep valleys around it. Probably one day it will. But till then, it will continue to guard over the island. Same as its brother Roque Bentayga, it is a volcanic plug made of basalt, a reminiscence of Caldera de Tejeda. It is the world biggest natural crags of volcanic origin and it stands at 1813m altitude.  After its conception, the forces of nature were constantly shaping and chiselling it for millions of years. The volcanic activity that gave birth to Roque Nublo happened 4,5 million years ago. Durig this period it was carved out from the bulk of the Island by the skilled hands of forces of nature while it was looking at this brother in pain Pico del Teide on the neighbouring Tenerife Island.

Roque Nublo, The Clouded Rock of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Island, probably one of the most spectacular Canary Islands

Another day, anther epic road on this stunning island

My second day on Gran Canaria Island begins early in the morning while sipping my coffee on the terrace. Our small casita rural was placed in Barranco Saint Bartolome the Tirajana 7 km from Maspalomas. It was rented with Airbnb and by far the best choice. I liked it more than a 4 stars hotel. Cosy and surrounded by silence gave me the perfect environment to enjoy my morning coffee. The air was crisp and I was drinking my coffee while Carlos Mendes the cat was still trying to jump on my lap. Since I did not want to accept downloading fleas from him I tried to ignore his cute glance that was following my moves. Somewhere, in the distance, a parrot was annoyingly trying to show that he can sing. I bet none told him that he should stick to his day job. Every sip of coffee was sending waves of heat through my body. I was waking up little by little. There was no wifi, therefore, I was disconnected from the rest of the world. The cup of coffee and I were sharing a moment…It was divine!

It was the second day and after doing the exploring in the first day we were thinking to hit the beach. The pleasures of the ocean were one of the reasons I came here in the middle of Winter after all.

The search for the less windy beach that day took us to the North of Gran Canaria Island, to Puerto de las Nieves.

Gran Canaria Island, probably one of the most spectacular Canary Islands

2016, The Highlights

A year of travels, in images.


February.  The first trip of the year to a country which took me by surprise with its beauty.  My trip has begun in Porto exploring the Douro Vally. Followed by a long drive along the coast to Algarve, ending my trip in Lisbon where I spent so little time because I fell irremediably in love with Sintra.

2016, The Highlights

Greece on the Road. Parga

“There is a path in my garden which leads to my hidden place.
There is a place in my garden which is my secret space.
There is a space in my garden which is my little Heaven..Parga, Greece“  The Lonely Traveler

Parga…Parga, it is indeed my little piece of heaven…But wait…I forgot an essential thing.,What the hell is Parga!? I know. There aren`t may of you who know what Parga is so I should clarify this mystery.

Parga is a small town on the north-west coast of Greece in the region of Epirus. It is famous for its scenic beauty and the architectural style has French and Venetian influences. It was the only free village under the Ottoman Occupation and they fought along with the Venetians from Corfu Island against the Turks.

Greece on the Road. Parga


Walking above , looking around and wonder.Is it you ?..or is it me ? ..or is it us ?

Mandalay Monks

Cinque Terre

Stopped breathing when I saw you washing my eyes with thy colors.I wanted to be you for a while, becoming your walls stretching my body in the sun playing with my fingers in the salty waters..
Manarola, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy
Brian Jannsen Photography


Morning with a touch of Greece.
Santorini Island, Greece

England`s splendour

Looked around and saw sun kissing the tip of the rolling hills, green waving in the valleys and everywhere my eyes could see..
Chatsworth, Derbyshire, England


People hardly remember what it was because they do not even know what it is..
Dun Briste, Sea-stack at Downpatrick Head, Mayo, Ireland