The Ravello Wedding. A Fairytale about a Fairytale

 Travelling 2283 Km from Bucharest to Ravello, Italy to one of the most beautiful wedding location I ever saw, to make a fairytale come true

The Ravello episode happened so fast that without even realising I was already in a van heading with full speed towards Romanian border to Hungary, It was 5AM and I was looking outside the window how mists were lingering above the ground glowing from the morning sunshine on Transylvanian plains.

The Ravello Wedding. A Fairytale about a Fairytale

When the Roads are Leading to Rome

Sometimes in life “All the roads are leading to Rome“ and the best thing to do is to take your time to understand what Rome is all about

The roads of my life took me to Rome in a very unplanned way and since I was having a true “Roman Holiday“ I was thinking that I should try to see the Rome behind appearances and stereotypes. Same as everybody else I was having an image about Rome in my mind and I found that in some aspects my imagination was going too far and in some my imagination was lacking depth.

When the Roads are Leading to Rome

November Love. Italy

 “ L’amore non ha un senso. L‘amore non ha un nome. L‘amore bagna gli occhi. L‘amore scalda il cuore..“

Ohhh…L`amore… I am in Venice,  Piazza San Marco, Italy and it is my last day. Soon the sun will set somewhere behind the haze which covered the sky the entire day. The mist is rising and I am trying to capture on my camera as many images as possible before the light will decrease in intensity and the mist will prevent me from taking more pictures. I am  the second time in Venice, but I am as  fascinated by it as I was the frist time. November Love. Italy

La città dei portici, Bologna

The city of porticoes, Bologna

There is always a first time in everything. My first trip abroad and my first trip as a lonely traveler took place some years ago to Bologna Italy. To some, the name Bologna might not ring a bell despite the fact that there it functions one of the oldest universities in Europe. well, maybe some people will automatically associate the name with the famous spaghetti, Bolognese, though… La città dei portici, Bologna

Love, Venice, Freedom and Imagination

Venice is not a place, nor just a touristic destination, it is a state of mind

For a long time, I wondered myself what is all the fuss about Venice? I could not understand why people are so mesmerized by that place.  The truth was that I haven’t seen the place, so that`s why I was so opinionated abut it, and so cynical. But life wanted to teach me a lesson, so, in one of my trips I ended up visiting Bologna Italy. Since I was so close to Venice I decided to take the train and see Venice with my own eyes. Love, Venice, Freedom and Imagination

See, listen, feel and learn…

venice1 venice2venice3

Streets…Streets have a life of their own.It is in their walls and it is in their windows the stories you might never knew about it, stop.Silence your steps for a while, and listen.Let the walls whisper their tales and let the windows smile at you, sometimes reflecting the sunlight, and sometimes letting you have a glimpse of what seems to be the life behind those walls, who`s stories you are listening to.

“See, listen and feel!“ once said a wise man. “See , listen and feel !“ I am telling you also traveler, but I might add .. See, listen,feel and learn…

Streets of Venice, Italy


Looking for the lost Summer

Kept your picture close so I could look at you every time I was feeling that my childhood is slipping away.
A glance was enough to see the Autumn mornings when desperately I was looking in the garden for the signs of the lost Summer…
Bagnoregio, Italy