Kotor and Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, a jewel hidden in the fjord-like bay of Kotor

Although I covered Kotor in another article of mine “Roadtrip to Montenegro. Day 3“, I decided that since Kotor was named by the Lonely Planet as nr.1 on Top cities to travel in 2016 I should write a more detailed article about this fascinating place I loved the first moment I laid my eyes on it. I thought about how should I begin my article about this magnificent place and then it hit me… Kotor and Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 6

Budva to Kotor Bay, Mratinje Dam, Durmitor National Park, Zablijak-261km 

The sixth day arrived..According to Crina`s plan, our today trip should have taken us in the middle of this mountainous country, to Durmitor National Park. I was not very enthusiastic about the idea at all because close to the sea was where I wanted to be as much as possible. But since I agreed with this plan from the beginning, I couldn’t say anything…I was sad…not only because we will spend the next two days in the mountain area, but also because this meant that our road trip it was getting  us close little by little to the end of our vacation..and this was the most saddening… The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 6

The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 5

From Mirista to Ulcinj and Ada Bojana, 114 km

Till now the whole road trip was amazing. Every day we managed to reach new places and be totally surprised by our findings. But there was one thing of which I was longing for and I kept missing it, the beaches of Greece.  I was dreaming to lose myself once again in the olive tree orchards, to walk on the coastline paths along the thorny bushes and find the secluded place where I could have a tete-a-tete with my beloved sea. The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 5

The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 4

From Budva to Herceg Novi,  and Dubrovnik Croatia, 94 km

When I woke up in the morning of the 4th day I was still under the impression of the 3rd day. I could  see before my eyes the stillness of the bay of Kotor while the sun was setting behind the mountains. I was drinking my coffee, under the shadow of a very old olive tree in the garden of the villa where were staying. The sparrows were having their morning quarrel, tree kittens were playing behind a hydrangea bush which was proudly exposing its impressive clusters of color. Two turtles were leaving rapidly the hydrangea bush protective shadow visibly annoyed by the kittens play, searching for another shadowing and quite place, preferably with no kittens around. The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 4

The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 2

614 km and 1o hours driving from Calafat Romania to Budva Montenegro


Arriving at Calafat after a 4 hours drive from Bucharest marked the end of day one for those three fair ladies. Driving West the entire trip looked like they were chasing the sun. The sun which was lingering over the open fields sending its golden lights daring them to catch it. The Road Trip to Montenegro. Day 2