Sintra,The Land of Fairy Tales and Spectacular Sunsets

Covered by mists,  Sintra welcomed me with its eerie atmosphere. I thought I entered the strange world of fairy tales..but it was only Sintra. Beautiful and mysterious, rising from the mists…

I could have covered Sintra when I wrote my article about Lisbon and surroundings, but Sintra for me is “the place“ to see while in Portugal. It is also true that Portugal is beautiful no matter where one might choose to go but Sintra has that special something which might keep you hooked forever.

Sintra,The Land of Fairy Tales and Spectacular Sunsets

Road Trip to Portugal, Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais

Lagos to Lisbon, 303 km along  Atlantic Ocean coastline, 303 km full of wonders and surprises

At first glance, my trip might have looked a bit chaotic. Landed in Lisbon and went straight to Porto. From there I went to Algarve and now back to Lisbon. I admit. It does look a bit more than chaotic, but chaos is my middle name. I haven’t given too much thought to this trip. Which proves that I am not a good planner but I am a proud owner of a great nose in finding the most spectacular places anywhere I go. Sometimes pays off to be like a drifter, following the first wave I encounter no questions asked. Road Trip to Portugal, Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais

Road trip to Portugal. Exploring Algarve

Driving 575 km from Porto to Lagos in Algarve. 575 km of pure delight for the sight, driving mostly on the coastal roads passing by such breathtaking and wild shoreline

The second stage of my trip took me from Porto to Lagos in Algarve or should I say south of the country.  Since I have done the 575 km in one day it felt like an intensive course about Portugal`s coastal area. It was not a trip carefully planned. All I knew were the hotels I was supposed to stay at and the dates, therefore, all the places I saw were just randomly picked following my inner compass. Needless to say that I am quite satisfied with it. I  love the ocean. All I wanted was to drive as much as possible on the coastal roads and to catch the sunset on my way to Algarve. Which…I did. Road trip to Portugal. Exploring Algarve

The road trip through Portugal. Porto

Three days of wandering on the roads of North of Portugal starting from Porto,  going along the Atlantic coastline, browsing Douro riverbanks and deepening  in the surprisingly beautiful and picturesque countryside

It is already a tradition for me to find a place where to escape  the winter. One of the main conditions is  the sea proximity. If last year I chose Tenerife, this year I was again at the Atlantic but, this time, I was watching it from the Portuguese shores. Exactly!!! Portugal was my playing ground this winter and I loved it! Every minute of it! Every mile of almost 3000km driven through this surprisingly beautiful country. Because I am telling you this, I was not expecting to be so impressed by its natural beauty!!!!

The road trip through Portugal. Porto