Roque Nublo, The Clouded Rock of Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo, the pillar of heaven and the most iconic landmark of Gran Canaria


The tallest standing rock, 80m, Roque Nublo defies gravity, seeming that it needs just a push to fall in one of the steep valleys around it. Probably one day it will. But till then, it will continue to guard over the island. Same as its brother Roque Bentayga, it is a volcanic plug made of basalt, a reminiscence of Caldera de Tejeda. It is the world biggest natural crags of volcanic origin and it stands at 1813m altitude.  After its conception, the forces of nature were constantly shaping and chiselling it for millions of years. The volcanic activity that gave birth to Roque Nublo happened 4,5 million years ago. Durig this period it was carved out from the bulk of the Island by the skilled hands of forces of nature while it was looking at this brother in pain Pico del Teide on the neighbouring Tenerife Island.

Roque Nublo, The Clouded Rock of Gran Canaria

Roque Bentayga,Pillars of the Sky. Gran Canaria

Roque Bentayga, one of the most fascinating and mysterious Gran Canarian landmarks

There is no place in Gran Canaria more mysterious than Roque Bentayga. Its story begins million years back when Gran Canaria was rising from the oceans waters due to volcanic activity. Roque Bentayga is the result of millennia of constant erosion that started the moment this island was formed. It is a former volcanic plug, part of Caldera de Tejeda,  made out of basalt. Due to its solidity is still standing despite the fact that the surrounding softer materials were washed away by the rainfalls and rockslides. A stand alone rock which is indubitably the focal point of a huge erosion crater. This majestic rock that dominates the valley having its past shrouded in mystery did not reveal yet its secrets.

Roque Bentayga,Pillars of the Sky. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Island, probably one of the most spectacular Canary Islands

Another day, anther epic road on this stunning island

My second day on Gran Canaria Island begins early in the morning while sipping my coffee on the terrace. Our small casita rural was placed in Barranco Saint Bartolome the Tirajana 7 km from Maspalomas. It was rented with Airbnb and by far the best choice. I liked it more than a 4 stars hotel. Cosy and surrounded by silence gave me the perfect environment to enjoy my morning coffee. The air was crisp and I was drinking my coffee while Carlos Mendes the cat was still trying to jump on my lap. Since I did not want to accept downloading fleas from him I tried to ignore his cute glance that was following my moves. Somewhere, in the distance, a parrot was annoyingly trying to show that he can sing. I bet none told him that he should stick to his day job. Every sip of coffee was sending waves of heat through my body. I was waking up little by little. There was no wifi, therefore, I was disconnected from the rest of the world. The cup of coffee and I were sharing a moment…It was divine!

It was the second day and after doing the exploring in the first day we were thinking to hit the beach. The pleasures of the ocean were one of the reasons I came here in the middle of Winter after all.

The search for the less windy beach that day took us to the North of Gran Canaria Island, to Puerto de las Nieves.

Gran Canaria Island, probably one of the most spectacular Canary Islands

Gran Canaria, a marvel of the Atlantic Ocean

First Day. Driving on GC210 one of the most scenic and dangerous roads of Gran Canaria

It was few months since my last escape and I was beginning to become impatient. Being January and really not fond of Winter my eyes turned towards the Canary Islands once more. This time, Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria.…this name was haunting my adulthood since I was reading the book ``Gran Canaria“ by A. J. Cronin when I was a teenager. Life works in a mysterious way, because after so many years, here I was. Flight ticket with my buddy Ryanair. Checked! One casita rural in Barranco Saint Bartolome de Tirajana booked with Airbnb. Checked! One Opel Astra rented with CICAR. Checked! What else..? I have the feeling I forgot something…Oh yes. One credit card. Checked!

I had the money, I had the tools, so it was time for fiestaaaa!!! I mean, it was time to explore the Island. Gran Canaria, a marvel of the Atlantic Ocean

Epic trail. Masca Gorge, Tenerife Island

Rough, spectacular, wild…only a few attributes of this exhilarating  Pirates trail

I did some travelling since my visit to Tenerife and although I saw some beautiful places, Tenerife remains one of my favourite places. Sure, Portugal is also running for this place but Tenerife and Portugal are two different experiences…

There were many things which made me adore Tenerife but this time I will talk about the most spectacular trail I EVER DONE, Masca Gorge.

Masca Gorge is part of Teno Rural Park placed on the west of the island. It is one of the most sensational parts of the islands and if you happen to land at Tenerife Sur airport during the day you cant miss it. When approached  by car is not less spectacular, the road is winding through some scenic landscape. Indulge yourself with some adrenalin by crossing the park taking the road from Santiago del Teide to Buenavista del Nte. It will be worth it. If you add some fog , wind and twilight the fun is guaranteed. Proceed with cautious, though. The road is appealingly beautiful but none the less dangerous.

Epic trail. Masca Gorge, Tenerife Island

Tenerife, in my books, is number one travel destination for 2016

The forces of nature had to collide in order to bring to the surface this wonder of nature, Tenerife…

I have to admit, I had Tenerife in my mind for a while now. Most of been the Winter or maybe the fact that last year I was packing my bags, destination..Tenerifeee!!!

The general impression is that Tenerife is an island where one can sit on the beach and enjoy the holiday in some resort. For most people it probably is, but for me, Tenerife represents a fantastic island with the most stunning landscape I ever saw.

Might be its volcanic nature which make it so dangerously attractive to me, or maybe the fact that even while up in the air the volcano Pico del Teide looks like a lighthouse in a sea of clouds letting me know that there, in the vastness of Atlantic Ocean there is an island which has so much to reveal to me. Well.. I can continue blabbering and bore you to death, or I can go straight to the point.

Tenerife, in my books, is number one travel destination for 2016

Tenerife!..That`s Amore!

The Story of a Wanderer Intoxicated by Wanderlust

Probably the first thought after reading the title will be why amore, Tenerife is in Spain right?…Well, the story goes like this, “That`s Amore“ it is the name of a pastry shop in El Medano, Tenerife. I came across it while walking around that little town on the south shore of the island. I was hungry like a wolf, I was cold, unfortunately, I was wearing some short pants, and I should not have to, wind turns out to be not so friendly, and since I love pasties I entered immediately the moment I have seen the shop. was a delight.

Tenerife!..That`s Amore!

The perfect sunset

One last glance just for me…Can I keep it or should I give it back to you?…

San Miguel de La Palma, Canary Islands by Santos Saul Diaz

I became you

I forgot about myself and I became you.I have been the red sandy beaches cooled by thy waves, I have been the mountains touched by thy breeze, I have been the rocks heated by thy sun..

Antequera Beach, Tenerife Island, Canary Island by Santos Saul Diaz