Traveling, Flowering and Photographing in Israel

A new travel and a new story which begins with a sunrise…

6 AM. I am in the North of Israel, sittingĀ on a terrace of a small little cottage in Kinneret, close to the Sea of Galilee and the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in Jordan River waters. Mush the dog is sitting next to me watching my moves while another 4 cats are looking at me impatient waiting to be fed. The sun is revealing itself from behind the hills climbing slowly on the sky. I am holding a steamy cup of coffee in my hand, but my eyes are caught by the miracle of the sunrise. Traveling, Flowering and Photographing in Israel

Israel through the eyes of a wanderer- Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not just a city, but a state of mind

I should be habituated by now with the sudden changes in my life, but no matter as often as it might happen, it is always taking me by surprise. I was booking a small hotel near Kavala Greece, then made an itinerary around north and west part of Greece while dreaming about dining in a taverna close to the sea surrounded by fireflies.Yes, I know, Kavala is not Tel Aviv and Greece is not Israel but bare with me…So, to continue my blabbering, my dreams of wandering around Epirus deepening in Vikos gorge and then to have a well-deserved rest on one of the beautiful beaches of Corfu Island were shattered one week before departure date when I just find out that my long dreamed road trip was canceled…But since I am not the type which sits and mourn after lost things for too long, and if a door is closing I will definitely knock on another one, I booked a flight to Israel…destination..TEL AVIV! Israel through the eyes of a wanderer- Tel Aviv