Tales of the Sea
Stairway to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Island, Biscay, Spain

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

Day 235

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, by Mack Horton

Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska by Mack Horton

Tales of the Sea
Solar Eclipse by Willoughby Owen, Milingimbi. Northern Australia

Solar Eclipse by Willoughby Owen , miligimbi australia

Day 234

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Tales of the Sea
Mediterranean Golden Sunset, Israel, by Isam Telhami

israel by isham telhami

Day 233

Early morning, Venice, Italy, by nomotion

venice by nomotion

Tales of the Sea
Magoito beach, Sintra, Portugal

Magoito beach, Sintra, Portugal

Day 232

Atacama Desert. Chile, by Mariusz Kluzniak

atacama chile  mariusz kluzniak


Day 231

20151115_142313 (1)

Tales of the Sea
Sand Island, Indian Ocean, Mombasa, Kenya, by The Far Horizon

Sand Island, Indian Ocean, Mombasa, Kenya by the far horizons

Day 230

The 200 years old green door of St, Ives Bakery, Cornwal, England

st ives bakery , st ives , cornwall

Day 229

Winter Bliss, Cotroceni, Bucharest, Romania, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu


Tales of the Sea
Praia da Rocha, Algarve, Portugal

Praia da Rocha in the beautiful Algarve.

Day 228

Geres, Sao Bento close to Porto North of Portugal

Gerês,São Bento , Porto

Tales of the Sea
Another drop dead gorgeous, literally, wander of nature, Underwater waterfall, Mauritius Island


Day 227

Lake Abraham and the frozen Methane Bubbles. Deady beautiful, Alberta, Canada
photo by Paul Christian Bowman

Glass House - Lake Abraham by paul Christian Bowman

Day 226

Caesarea, Israel, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu


Day 225

The question will be now “Where to?“ since the breakfast is over..


Day 224

Yuanyang Terrace, China

Yuanyang Terrace, China

Tales of the Sea
Sea mist over the cliffs at Hammers on Lundy, North Devon, England, UK by the Landmark Trust

sea mist over the cliffs at Hanmers on Lundy, North Devon, England, UK by the Landmark Trust

Day 223

Saskatchewan – Canada – by Ian McGregor

Saskatchewan - Canada - by Ian McGregor


Tales of the Sea
Faro del Teno, Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Faro del Teno, Teno Rural park, Tenerife Island, Canay Islands, Spain
Faro del Teno, Teno Rural park, Tenerife Island, Canay Islands, Spain


Tales of the Sea
Nassau Lighthouse, The Bahamas

Nassau Lighthouse - The Bahamas

Day 222

Volcanic fields at 2000m altitude, Teno National Park, Tenerife, CanaryIslands, Spain, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Lava fields. Teide Natioanl Park, Tenerife Island, Spain by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
Lava fields. Teide Natioanl Park, Tenerife Island, Spain by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Day 221

Iceland by Andy Lee

iceland ady lee

Day 220

Kirkjufell by coolbiere photograph

Kirkjufell, Iceland, by coolbiere photograph


Day 219

angels fall venezuela

Angels Fall, Venezuela

Day 218

The inca rope bridge of Qeswachaka, above Apurimac river, Peru mauro gambini

The Inca rope bridge of Qeswachaka, above Apurimac river, Peru, by Mauro Gambini

Day 217

Praia de Fora, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Praia de Fora, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Day 216

Sunrise on Kilimanjaro by Hudson Henry

Sunrise on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, by Hudson Henry

Day 215


Somewhere in my Dreamland the Sun is Rising

Day 214


The beauty lies in simplicity, Cornwall, England

Day 213

Moravec Tomáš cehia

Misty Morning in Czech Republic by Moravec Tomas

Day 212

KAFOTKA Dinko Neskusil croatia

Sunrise on the river, Croatia, by KAFOTKA Dinko Neskusil

Day 211

Pantai Karang, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia farizun amrod saad

Pantai Karang, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, by Farizun Amrod Saad

Day 210

kent england robert canis

Sunrise on the marshes, kent, England, by Robert Canis

Day 209

gaiola napoli

Gaiola Island, Napoli, Italy

Day 208

sintra portugal j a pEREDA

Sintra, Portugal, by J A Pereda

Day 207

La Foulerie le Château de Courances

La Foulerie le Château de Courances, France

Day 206

Campo S.Vidal by David Butali venice

Campo S.Vidal, Venice, Italy, by David Butali

Day 205


La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Day  204

Val d'Orcia Region, Tuscany, Italy by Kevin McNeal Photography

Val d’Orcia Region, Tuscany, Italy by Kevin McNeal Photography


Day 203


Saturday morning and I am walking on the streets of Sibiu desperately looking for a place where I can buy a cup of coffee. Maybe you wonder why on earth would I do that in a Saturday morning? Well, the answer is very simple. Although I was staying in a beautiful villa 30 km from Sibiu, when I woke up in the morning and went straight to the coffee machine, because I was in desperate need for my dose of caffeine,  I realized that coffee machine is much smarter than I was expecting and I had no clue how to make it work. Deprived of my morning coffee I decided that since I have to leave the villa so early I might as well go to Sibiu and see how is coming to life on a Saturday morning.

I left the idyllic surroundings of Salistea village and went to Sibiu. Bought my coffee in the first coffee shop I found open and with shaking hands I took my first sip…It was divine!!!!

I do not think the coffee I had was better then other coffees I had before, I had better. I think it was the Autumn morning on the streets of Sibiu which added the extra flavor to my coffee. I was waking up gradually, sip by sip, step by step on the streets of Sibiu and I felt like a little girl waking up in the fairy tale she was reading about before she went to bed. It was not my first time in Sibiu, but it was the the first time I was seeing it like this, in a totally new light.

The streets were empty at that hour and I felt like having a private tour in a city which just like me,was gradually waking up…. on a sunny Autumn Morning…

Day 202

Sunrise in Kinneret, Israel, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
Sunrise in Kinneret, Israel, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

6 AM. With a steamy cup of coffee in my hand I am sitting on a terrace of a little cottage somewhere in the North of Israel watching the sunrise. Mush the dog is siting close to me while four cats are watching my moves. It is morning and they are hungry waiting anxious to be fed. The sun is rising slowly, climbing on the sky  from behind the hills. The surface of the Sea of Galilee is capturing the sun-rays in its shimmers. I should feel sleepy, after all I am never waking up willingly at 6 AM, but I am not. I am happy. If someone would have asked me“ why am I happy?“ I don`t think I would have been able to answer. The feeling surrounded me like a cloud. It was in the air that I breath. My eyes were caught by the sun and my mind was in a state of numbness forgetting about anything else. Because nothing else mattered.

It was a new travel which begun with a new day. It was a new day which begun with a sunrise. It was a new sunrise which brought me a new story…

Sunrise in Galilee, Israel

Day 201

Padley Gorge Grindleford in the Derbyshire Peak District England Simon Bull

Padley Gorge, Grindleford, Derbyshire Peak District, England, by Simon Bull


Day 200

Georgengarten Hannover ,Germany by tiny-al

Georgengarten Hannover ,Germany by tiny-al

Day 199

loch ard scotland by unique landscape

Loch Ard, Scotland, By Unique Landscape


Day 198


Monemvassia, Lakonia, Peloponnisos, Greece, emanuel coupe

Monemvassia, Lakonia, Peloponnissos Greece, By Emanuel Coupe


Day 197

levens hall by unicorn81

Levens Hall, England, by Unicorn81


Day 196

Ribeira Sacra (Galicia) Spain by stuart

Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain, by Stuart


Day 195

Loch Lochy, Highlands of Scotland. by barbara jones

Loch Lochy, Highlands, Scotland, by Barbara Jones


Day 194

Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park, Alaska by dan niebrugge

Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park, Alaska, by Ron Niebrugge


Day 193

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Liguria Italy John Monster

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy, photo by John Monster


Day 192

nesso italy

Probably most of the times we do not even notice that every morning has something different. That Morning has literally a thousand faces and every day there is a new story to tell. Maybe because we are so deepened in the world of our smartphones that we forget the real life it is happening somewhere outside the virtual world we spend so much time into.

We read other people stories without having the courage to make our own stories. To leave the comfort zone and try something different. To mask the lack of courage, we find all kind of excuses. The thing is that no excuse can change the reality, that at the end of the day we were just cowards, that we use the Ostrich`s strategy putting our heads in the sand, in our case the virtual world, instead of dealing with the reality. A world custom made, revealing always only the things we want to see ignoring the ones we have a hard time coping with.

It is a new Morning and a new story…break the chains which are keeping you tied up to your laptop. your phone or any other device. Have a glimpse to the world outside and try to Live, Travel, Adventure and don`t be sorry…

Nesso, Italy


Day 191



Bagno Vignoni con la Rocca di Tintinnano, San quirico D`Orcia, Tuscany, Italy, phot by Gio

Day 190

Goddess of the dawn

When Dawn and Aurora are meeting on the sky, Spåkenesøra, Troms, Northern Norway, by Tommy Richardsen

Day 189

Leif Erik Smith oregon

Sunrise on the coasts of Oregon, USA, by Leif Erik Smith

Day 188

san vito sicily by fabrizio

San Vito, Sicily, Italy, by Fabrizio

Day 187

costa rica javier canale

Paragliding, Costa Rica, by Javier Canale

Day 186

Lyle Closs on Albert's Tomb, Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Lyle Closs on Albert’s Tomb, Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington, Tasmania, photo by Stefan Karpiniec

Day 185

okavango delta botswana

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Day 184

Manuel Orero Galan valencia

An empty bench in the park in the morning light will always draw attention. To complete the picture add some falling leaves and the Fall and you will have the perfect image for “The Fall and the fall..“

The Fall, which restlessly paints everything around it and from time to time is resting on some bench admiring its own creation…it is a lot of hard work after all. This complete make over asks for imagination, who can master the colors better than the Fall? Who can orchestra those epic images in the morning with glowing mists and sun rays passing through? I can`t say I ever met a better artist then the Fall.

And…the fall…That moment of  simply falling…When, after kissing goodbye, a leaf is surrendering  itself to the fall. Floating in the air, putting up the best show of its life, resting for a while on an empty bench in the park…the very park you are walking through. Stop, watch, listen and try to understand…There is an amazing beauty, even in the Fall and the fall…

The Fall on the Bench, Valencia, Spain, by Manuel Orero Galan

Day 183

via krupp capri

Via Krupp, Capri, Italy

Day 182

victoria park bath by the green album

Day 182 and this time my morning tale it is about Bath. It was a gray and cloudy  morning, like most of the days in England, when I saw it for the first time. I was walking on its streets trying to find some of Jane Austen atmosphere and I was looking at the houses around me, Italian architecture influences but it were as gray as the sky seeming to be like an extension to it.  To me, it looked like a sunless piece of Italy definitely having a subtle touch of Jane Austen.

Despite its grayness, I loved it instantly. It was the fascinating beauty that I found while walking on those streets on that unperfect day which draw me to it. Bath it is not the kind of city which just reveal itself at a glance. One has to patiently want to go underneath its gray layers and discover what lies beneath.

Been there so many times and still I can`t say that I know Bath perfectly. How could I? Every time I went here it was always only for few hours and I was trying to discover what I was missing on my previous visit.

I know I should return to it. But, there are so many places to which I should return to and not enough time to do it. I would probably need another life, so instead, I chose to miss it and always keep loving memories about my visits there..

Hand in hand on Autumn`s Path, Victoria Park, Bath, England, by The Green Album


Day 181

K Dibley laurentian valley ontario canada


The Miracle of Morning, Laurentian Valley, Ontario Canada. by K. Dibley

Day 180



The rain effect..


Day 179

wollerton hall uk

Mornings in the Garden, Wollerton Hall, UK

Day 178

vila franca do campo islet, azores, portugal red bull divening competition

Diving into abyss, Blake Aldridge at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on July 20, 2012, Islet Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal

Day 177

Sunrise, Mist and Spanish Moss, Lake Park Road, Georgia, USA,  photo by Dan WellsDan Wells lake park georgia

The silence before everything returns to life.The mist sneaking around still holding the night`s hand. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees. The sun rising shinning up my morning crossroads. A song I keep hearing obsessively in my head and makes me hum..

“Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you…I said Georgia, oh Georgia..“

It is Georgia…Georgia in my mind, in the morning at the crossroads of my life…


Day 176

Sorano, Tuscany, Italy, By Michael Reinhart

Michael Reinhart sorano tuscany

Day 175

The Lighthouse, Algarve, Portugal, by Johan Klovsjo

Johan Klovsjö portugal algrave

Day 174

Autumn Feel, Paris, France,  photo by Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson paris

It is here! I can feel it in the air and I can feel it when I look around me. An empty chair and leaves lying dead on the ground. I can feel its presence although it is still hidden somewhere…lurching. I do not know when Summer moved on, I just wake up in a morning and it was already gone.

I can moan and sigh after my lost Summer and it is not going to help me. Autumn is here and it would not hurt if we could stay and chat over a cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing will bring back my Summer until next year so I better get used to the idea. Autumn will unpack slowly. First, new colors will adorn the trees, then it will release winds and mists kept under lock for so long and it will set free Nostalgia. Rains will wash away the sorrow because there is no use for it. Autumn might be different than Summer but is not less beautiful.

The reign of Autumn will be set in. The Queen is dead. God Save the Queen!

Day 173

It is coming!!!!!!!…The Autumn,,

autumn (2)

Day 172

, The Sea like no other, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada , Greece, by Buzzard Flight

Buzzard Flight porto katsiki lefkada


Day 171

Morning with a touch of Carribean feeling, Kavarna, Bulgaria, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Thracian Cliffs golf and Beach Resort, Kavarna, Bulgaria, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
Thracian Cliffs golf and Beach Resort, Kavarna, Bulgaria, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu

Day 170

Breaking the mists, Korea, by RYU Jung Cheol

ryu korea jung cheol

Day 169

Dawn above Los-Cuernos-del-Paine, Chile, by Ian Plant

Los-Cuernos-del-Paine chile by ian plant
Los-Cuernos-del-Paine chile by ian plant

Day 168

Vang Vieng, Laos, Asia.by dan Ballard
Vang Vieng, Laos, Asia.by dan Ballard

There is a new path opening every single morning. Sometimes that path it might take you through a rice field. The smell of green,  your shoes deepening in the soft clay on the path while walking. The moist in the air embracing with a rather chill touch..it is an early morning after all. The hills which cover their sleepy eyes with mists, they hide behind it because none should know they were sleeping…The rice field, a green cover spotted by dew, looking proudly up waiting for the rain to begin..

There is a new path opening every single morning…This morning, the path is passing through a rice field, surrounded by sleepy hills hidden by the mist…


Day 167



This is one of the stories which is not beginning with “Once upon a time“ but with “Somewhere it is Morning. There, in that place with no name, there is Someone. watching how the sun is rising from the sea.“.

Right now you are asking yourself “And..?“…My story does not have an and..I gave you the beginning of the story, now you just have to continue it, and write your own. The story of the coffee, the sea,  the sun… and you…

Day 166

Floating above, Collonges la Rouge en Corrèze, France

Collonges la Rouge en Corrèze, France
Collonges la Rouge en Corrèze, France

Day 165

The Boy and The Book

Bali Island, Indonesia, by Andy H, TanBali Island, Indonesia, by Andy H, Tan
Bali Island, Indonesia, by Andy H, Tan

It is Morning again and a new story emerges between my sips of coffee…

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a boy and a book. It wasn`t any book, but  a book capable of opening for this boy totally new realities. The book was for him his greatest treasure. He uses to sleep having it closely and every morning while he was taking the cow to the nearby river he was always caught in by the book`s pages. The words he was reading were the key to a gate of a different realm. The morning light was embracing him and the book`s pages were glowing under its touch…

This is the story of “ The Boy, The Book, Bali and The Morning“ and as I sip quietly my morning coffee this story unfolds someplace in the world

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