Mezquita Catedral, Cordoba, Spain, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
Exploring Andalusia. Cordoba

Way south, between thousands of olive and orange trees, the mighty walls of Cordoba are rising… While getting closer to Cordoba, I was wondering, what would I be thinking if I were a traveller,  a thousand years ago? Probably I … Read More

Zinim Cliff, Ramon Crater, Israel, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
Israel Hiking Regions

Featuring Article   The hiking paths that will reveal to you the most stunning features of Israel by Erez Speiser, Israel by Foot The most striking feature of Israel‘s landscape is its variety. In this tiny area, you will … Read More

Nahal Arugot, Ein Gedi, Judean Desert, Israel, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
My Top Five Most Spectacular Places in Israel

  The most stunning places in Israel you probably did not know about   I am guessing that not many of you would have thought about Israel as a travel adventure destination. Many travellers are stopping in Jerusalem visiting the … Read More

Emen Canyon, Bulgaria, by Mirela Catalinoiu Felicia
The wild trails of Europe. Emen Canyon, Bulgaria

Emen Canyon is still a place to hike without being suffocated by the abundance of tourists In the heart of the Balkans, in Bulgaria, at 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo and at the foothill of the Central Balkan Range winds a spectacular canyon, … Read More

Vila Vicosa, Portugal, by Mirela Felicia Catalinoiu
The Unknown Portugal. Vila Vicosa

  Vila Vicosa, a charming sleepy old town and a true jewel of Alentejo Probably there is no mystery, I am very fond of Portugal. I am fascinated by its beauty, architecture and history, well, also by its food. So … Read More

Batalha Monastery, an Architectural Jewel of Portugal

When Ghotic meets Manueline architectural style a stunning beauty emerges. Batalha Monastery is the perfect example of this incredible merger Batalha Monastery is probably the most beautiful Monastery I saw in Portugal. In my opinion, is even more beautiful than Monastey … Read More