This page was blank for some time because I thought the stories I am telling are more important than talking about myself. But then, I was thinking, that maybe there is something I can say about me.

First of all, I am not paid to write so all my stories reflect only my personal opinion. I am always trying to reflect the reality. But do not forget, it is the reality the way I see it.

I do not have cookies, I do love them especially chocolate ones but here on this site, I do not have any. Google Analytics might count you though. I hope you do not mind

Second of all…

Who am I?

Let me think…Well, I am a photographer, that`s why all the pictures you see are mine. I am sort of moments catcher. All my pictures are capturing moments of my life.

I am a florist, maybe that’s why I am so fascinated by nature. I am looking for inspiration in nature. I am looking for healing in nature. I am always looking for extraordinary landscapes everywhere I go. Surprisingly I do find those where least expected.

I am a writer. No. No the kind you imagine, the only thing I am publishing is this blog. Although, I always wanted to be a writer, even when I was a kid. In a way, my wish came true, I am a sort of writer now, although not the kind I have imagined.

I am a history buff. Many time in my childhood I was fantasizing that I will become an archaeologist, travel the world and make surprising discoveries. Actually, I was seeing myself as a historian Jules Verne. At that time I haven’t heard of Indiana Jones so Jules Verne`s characters were my role models. The history of the places I am seeing in my travels is very important to me and I am always doing research and trying to understand what I have seen and put things into perspective.

I am a geology buff. The stories of a place are written in stone as well and those stories are as fascinating as those written on paper. This is definitely explaining my fascination for volcanic islands.

I haven’t said yet that I am a traveller. Yes. I am a traveller, but so are you if you are here. As a fellow traveler, you understand why I do not need to explain why I am a traveller. And besides, you are here to read about the places I have discovered. Now, I should let The Lonely Traveler do the talking…

Enjoy your reading and thank you for passing by.



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