The beauties of Portuguese coastline. Sao Martinho do Porto

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0MailFrom Porto to Lisbon, the Portuguese coastline is dotted with oceanside resorts and Sao Martinho do Porto is amongst my favourites When I saw Sao Martinho do Porto for the first time two years ago it did not impress me … Read More

Postcards by the Ocean, My Portuguese Sunsets

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0MailSunsets are sun`s monologues dashingly announcing the end of the day and the beginning of the night Portugal, by the ocean. One of the most beautiful features of Portugal is the coastline. The constant struggle between the ocean and the land … Read More

Playa de Guigui, Gran Canaria`s Epic Trail

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0MailHiking into the wild to reach the remote Playa de Guigui Guigui is one of the secluded and hard-to-reach beaches of Gran Canaria and with this two attributes it became imperative to see it. At the beginning of my vacation, I … Read More