Roque Bentayga,Pillars of the Sky. Gran Canaria

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0MailRoque Bentayga, one of the most fascinating and mysterious Gran Canarian landmarks There is no place in Gran Canaria more mysterious than Roque Bentayga. Its story begins million years back when Gran Canaria was rising from the oceans waters due to … Read More

Playa de Guigui, Gran Canaria`s Epic Trail

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0MailHiking into the wild to reach the remote Playa de Guigui Guigui is one of the secluded and hard-to-reach beaches of Gran Canaria and with this two attributes it became imperative to see it. At the beginning of my vacation, I … Read More

Tenerife!..That`s Amore!

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0Mail The Story of a Wanderer Intoxicated by Wanderlust Probably the first thought after reading the title will be why amore, Tenerife is in Spain right?…Well, the story goes like this, “That`s Amore“ it is the name of a pastry … Read More

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