The England I Love. Montacute

Facebook0Google0Linkedin0Pinterest0Twitter0Mail The small village lost between the green rolling hills of Somerset, the place of my healing and my transformation… Montacute is not going to be found in any traveling guide being  just one of thousands of charming   English countryside … Read More

It is in the rain…

It was a drop of rain falling down my cheeks surprising me with a kiss.Raised my eyes looking up into the sky and more drops of rain were kissing my cheeks in their fall.Closed my eyes letting the rain falling … Read More

The kingdom of fire

For a while, I felt like being surrounded by burning waters.The whole ground seemed to be touched by fire, although there were no flames. The castle`s dark shadow looked like the back of a dragon devoured by flames….Just for a … Read More

The beginning and the end..

I forgot you and I forgot about myself. I ignored the passing time and locked my heart and shut my mind.It was the beginning and the end … Hartsop, Cumbria, Lake District, England

Poppy Field

I love to see thy cheeks blushed when touched by my fingers, your eyes blinking with a smile when my sun rays are touching them, thy hair curving like a battered flag when my winds are sweeping your surface .. … Read More

Castle of hopes

Drops of red, drops of agony were shed by my lost dreams filling my fields on which I built my castle of hopes, impenetrable and indestructible…. Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, England

Blue Dream

It was a dream which took me out of bed only to realize that I wasn`t awake, my dream was still unfolding …Rustic Victorian Style, England  

Misty Veil

Thy face hidden by a misty veil appeared to me in all its splendor.I traveled for so long just to see you and now I was waiting for the mists to rise and see thy delicate cheeks smiling in the … Read More

Yellow sparks

I could have forget myself in thy green arms, I could have stayed inebriated by thy scent forever, I could have chosen to leave my world behind, but I didn`t…I dreamed in your arms overwhelmed by thy beauty, but, I … Read More