true love

What is true love? you ask…True love is when I built my castles close to you just to be able to see your face smiling to me through the thin veil of mist which covers your face in the morning.To … Read More

Summer`s fall

It is not Summer, it is not Fall, it is… Summer`s fall.. It is not the beginning, it is not the end ,it is ..September.. Summer can`t return and Autumn is just arriving ..

The giants clash

OK ! I am small and insignificant comparing with your greatness, I am weak and fable and you can crush me with one finger. I might not be strong and I might not be a giant but my will and … Read More

Sailing to the Moon

Went out sailing every night wanting to reach for you.I have been always close yet, not close enough to be able to touch you..embrace you.. Full Moon over Mediterranean Sea

The lamp of Aladdin

From thousands lamps hanging from the wall I had to pick you. I thought you are going to bring light into my nights but instead you brought me hope… Marrakesh, Morocco    


“I was here!“ say .“my footsteps were deeply imprinted in the sand“.“Maybe“ I say to you ..“Your footsteps must of been there but now they aren`t, wind swept away any proof of your existance..“ Morocco

The Magical Flute

I used to make friends so quickly.All I had to do it was just to sing.. Bucharest, Romania There was a period of our lives when making friends was not really that hard.It did not mattered to us if that … Read More