Parga Vacation

Parga Vacation ¬†It is coming … Is that time of the year, again, the time for a vacation!!!!!! So, I pack my bags, take Salman Rushdie`s “Satanic Verses“ with me and off I go..To Greece..again.I do not really know why … Read More


I cant see your borders, nor do I want to. I do not know if I am beyond the sky or above the sea, because my world just became limitless, melting into infinity. I feel like I have no boundaries, … Read More

My hidden place

There is a path in my garden which leads to my hidden place. There is a place in my garden which is my secret space. There is a space in my garden which is my little Heaven.. Epirus , Greece

Lost in contemplation

The laced and surprisingly beautiful west coastal Greece harboring the most charming little towns and amazing beaches.. Sivota,  Epirus, Greece

My name is Red

My name is Red.. Red is my passion, red is my love.Red is my life and red is my heart. Red is everything I am when I am with you.Red is me is you. Zagora, Pelion, Greece

Infinite Blue

The fantastic colors of Kefalonia. Usually when this is happening it means that strong waves are sweeping the beach. Myrthos Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece