La città dei portici, Bologna

The city of porticoes, Bologna There is always a first time in everything. My first trip abroad and my first trip as a lonely traveler took place some years ago to Bologna Italy. To some, the name Bologna might not … Read More

The Heaven Around Me

Woke up with the feeling of falling out of Eden this morning, struggling desperately to keep my eyes closed and continue my dream.Could not do it though, sunlight seemed to poured all in my room and felt like being embraced … Read More

See, listen, feel and learn…

Streets…Streets have a life of their own.It is in their walls and it is in their windows the stories you might never knew about it, stop.Silence your steps for a while, and listen.Let the walls whisper their tales and … Read More

Looking for the lost Summer

Kept your picture close so I could look at you every time I was feeling that my childhood is slipping away. A glance was enough to see the Autumn mornings when desperately I was looking in the garden for the … Read More