Postcards by the Ocean, My Portuguese Sunsets

Sunsets are sun`s monologues dashingly announcing the end of the day and the beginning of the night Portugal, by the ocean. One of the most beautiful features of Portugal is the coastline. The constant struggle between the ocean and the land … Read More

Marvao Portugal, where the eagles fly

A lesser-known jewel of Portugal, the eagle’s nest, Marvao Castle is dominating the hights offering some stunning views above the surrounding mountainous terrain ‘‘From Marvão one can see the entire land… It is understandable that from this place, high up … Read More

Must of been..

They say that the world around you looks like the world within you.So, must of been my thoughts on which I was stepping on, lying around, looking like some dried flowers.and this whole island must of been my soul on … Read More


I always thought my feelings were trapped within your walls That only there, walking on your garden`s paths I can be myself. I thought that if I step outside your walls I will be lost, engulfed by the world outside. … Read More

How many ..?

How many drops of rain should fall upon you to see my tears? How many clouds should sweep your peaks to feel my touch? How many years should pass you by so you can understand my love for you ? … Read More