Love, Venice, Freedom and Imagination

Venice is not a place, nor just a touristic destination, it is a state of mind

For a long time, I wondered myself what is all the fuss about Venice? I could not understand why people are so mesmerized by that place.  The truth was that I haven’t seen the place, so that`s why I was so opinionated abut it, and so cynical. But life wanted to teach me a lesson, so, in one of my trips I ended up visiting Bologna Italy. Since I was so close to Venice I decided to take the train and see Venice with my own eyes.

Gondola on the canals in Venice

Well…my dears … what I didn`t  know then was that a real treat was waiting for me, and the whole six hours I spent there will  transform into such sweet memories… Turned out that I visited Venice precisely during the Carnival of Venice, the thing that I realized the moment I went out from the railways station and a sea of people was greeting me.

I do not know if it was  Venice, or all the people crammed on every little street wearing masks and costumes which bewitched me. I do not know if it was the magic of the city, or the vibe coming from all those people arrived there from all over the world that kept me under the spell. What I know, is that I stepped into another world  which seemed to be taken out from my imagination.

Venice , by Elena Zarubina
Venice, by Elena Zarubina


Normally I do not like places full of people because I prefer to read in the silence around me the stories I might miss about a place I am visiting. This time, though, I was melting in that flow of people. Everybody was smiling and in the air, there was a sweet scent of love, probably induced by the short flirt I had with a guy I meet there.  Love and flirting were floating in the air, people which do not know one another and they will never meet again, were smiling and laughing. There was a sense of freedom which I haven’t felt till then, I was not blushing when his dark eyes were looking deep into mine, he was from Cuba so tall dark and handsome was applying successfully.

Rainy day in Vneice
Rainy day in Venice

The spirit of Venice it is in the air, in the walls and the narrow streets. It is on the canals and every gondola flowing down on it. It is in every mask or every costume. It is in the bridges over the canals and it is the Bridge of  Sighs. It is in the sea and in the passing clouds on the sky mirroring themselves in the blue waters. It is in the people that once they are there something transform them from within. It is in the love one might feel  and in all the whispers lost on the streets…it is..Everywhere..

Even when I was back home, the spirit of Venice was still burning inside me, being so overwhelming. Took my laptop and let my fingers translate into words all my thoughts, this way “The Story of Venice“ was born.

Although years were passing through,  whenever February arrives I am always returning back to Venice, my Venice. The Venice from my memories, the Venice of my Imagination, the Venice of my Freedom.

Sunset in Venice
Sunset in Venice