The Noise Beyond Stillness

The Noise Beyond Stillness

Seeing a statue always makes me think about Irving Stone`s book “The Agony and Ecstasy“, and automatically  I am trying to imagine the artist facing a huge piece of rock trying to see inside it the form he wants to release into the world. The triumphal smile  on his face when he finally sees beyond the stone vale the shape he will give birth to, and the sound of the chisel pounding on the rock in its try to release the shape locked in the stone. But, not only the entire genesis of a statue  is what fascinates me, but also the question of what might be beyond that frozen smile on statues faces.


A world of frozen stillness one might find in the park surrounding the Peles Castle ,and silence seems to be what covers all the statures there like a thick mist , but once you go closer you might hear what lays beyond those stony faces.You can hear their stories which artist carved so loud and clear in their features, and although till then that form seemed lifeless to you . it comes back to life just for a second, like you just gave it the breath of life when you look at it. and freezes back the moment you move away from it, like you took away with you the breath of life you gave.



Once I heard a story saying that in nights with full moon, statues come to life  freed for a while from the stone prison, and start  talking to each other, being like some  silence witness of the passing time which are not silent anymore.




Some says that all those statues are the night watch of the castle and the park, bathing in the silver light in the nights with full moon and stretching their legs after being still under the sun or beaten by winds and rains. the guardians of the estate.It is in their features that I find more stories then in other parts of the castle,the untold one, which might not be written nor known by anyone else but the statues from the park of Peles Castle ….