Marvao Portugal, where the eagles fly

A lesser-known jewel of Portugal, the eagle’s nest, Marvao Castle is dominating the hights offering some stunning views above the surrounding mountainous terrain ‘‘From Marvão one can see the entire land… It is understandable that from this place, high up … Read More

The Heaven Around Me

Woke up with the feeling of falling out of Eden this morning, struggling desperately to keep my eyes closed and continue my dream.Could not do it though, sunlight seemed to poured all in my room and felt like being embraced … Read More

You and I

You and I were here once, same as many others… You and I were holding hands falling more in love with every glance , same as many others.. You and l will keep this place in our hearts, same as … Read More

My name is Red

My name is Red.. Red is my passion, red is my love.Red is my life and red is my heart. Red is everything I am when I am with you.Red is me is you. Zagora, Pelion, Greece

Always the same

I haven’t changed much since you left.My windows are still smiling,my door still waits for you knock so I can say to you“Come in!“ Venice, Italy