Marvao Portugal, where the eagles fly

A lesser-known jewel of Portugal, the eagle’s nest, Marvao Castle is dominating the hights offering some stunning views above the surrounding mountainous terrain ‘‘From Marvão one can see the entire land… It is understandable that from this place, high up … Read More

Light and shadows

    Kilchurn Castle, Scotland   Scotland The Quiraing, Island of Skye, Scotland   Once upon a time there was a world with no colors in which only light or the absence of it was forming the million shadows and … Read More

The beginning and the end..

I forgot you and I forgot about myself. I ignored the passing time and locked my heart and shut my mind.It was the beginning and the end … Hartsop, Cumbria, Lake District, England

The awakenig

Woke up in the middle of you. Your smiles were the one kissing me with ray of lights, your touches were the one embracing me with a soft breeze helping me breathing. I felt like being born again delivered to … Read More

Misty Veil

Thy face hidden by a misty veil appeared to me in all its splendor.I traveled for so long just to see you and now I was waiting for the mists to rise and see thy delicate cheeks smiling in the … Read More

Yellow sparks

I could have forget myself in thy green arms, I could have stayed inebriated by thy scent forever, I could have chosen to leave my world behind, but I didn`t…I dreamed in your arms overwhelmed by thy beauty, but, I … Read More