Till we meet again…

Lichnos Beach , Parga , Greece
Krioneri Beach at sunset, Parga Greece
Krioneri Beach, Parga , Greece


Till we meet again…

All to good things come to an end … so it did my vacation..

Probably the worst moments are when after a great vacation you find yourself immersed again in your daily routine.When memories although so fresh are little by little dissipating in your daily life events.

The distinctive salty smell of the sea is fading away melting into the new reality.The calmly sound of the waves is covered by the urban noises, the sandy touch of your barefoot walks are replaced by the presence of asphalt under your feet. The immensity of blue which used to surround you not knowing where the sky begin and the sea is ending is replaced by the concrete silhouettes around you adding shades of gray to your life`s colors.

You used to live the dream, and now… is over, but, having one thought in your mind…“Till.. we meet again ..“

Parga, Epirus, Greece